Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator (TABZ) [v 26.12.2019] download torrent

Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator (TABZ) is not only part of a wonderful project, but can also be considered an April Fool’s joke. TABZ presents a simulator of battle against zombies. There are a lot of walking dead here! they are funny and dead. This is a Shooter in the vastness of which you have to exterminate these numerous opponents. It’s fun to do, but not easy. Strange place, strange events. In this case, the rag doll physics looks very specific.

Here is an excellent simulator of battles with zombies. The project itself was developed as a joke, but was able to attract enough attention for the gaming community to evaluate and draw conclusions. Zombie Shooter where you can have a great laugh. Naturally, the authors took care of a decent arsenal of weapons for such a mass shooting. As always, the developers should be praised for their high-quality physics and excellent sense of humor.

The theme of Zombie invasion is very popular. These characters will be found in different genres and works, the time has come for this project to present its brainchild to the audience. Visually, everything corresponds to the theme, the soundtrack emphasizes the mood. Be sure to try it.

Download game TABZ (2019) new version

On the website you can always get the latest updates for the newest and latest version of the game, which is also the final one. To do this, you just need to download the TABZ game to your computer or laptop for free and without registration or SMS.

The current version is like the original, only hacked or in common parlance “cracked” without a registration code, but the assembly is working and stable, it works without the Internet. You can play “single player”, the so-called single player game in offline mode. The easiest way to start the game without a key!

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Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator (TABZ) picture on PC
Screenshot from the game Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator (TABZ) in good quality
Image of Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator (TABZ)


  • Release date: 2019
  • Genre: Survival, Indie, Shooter
  • Developer and Publisher: Landfall Games
  • Text: English

System requirements

  • Windows: 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Video card: GTX 560ti
  • Disk space: 300 MB

Version: v 12/26/2019 [] LastSize:

Download torrent

Publication type: RePack

The game has been updated 12/26/2019 until v 12/26/2019, this latest hacked version for 2024.

Player name changes in file settings.config. View the list of players – key q.

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