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There it is! (Tame it) Offers to join the main character in his adventures. The guy goes to a new place of work, however, the plane crashes before reaching its destination. Finding yourself on a picturesque tropical island, you understand that you need to survive and take care of yourself. However, it turns out that you are not alone here. The island is inhabited by pretty but dangerous beauties. To what extent will you be able to find a common language with these enchantresses? Be careful, very explicit scenes are possible!

The authors will delight you with a lot of possibilities for pastime. Go Fishing, hunting, pay attention to berries and mushrooms. Some properties of the latter can be very useful when you decide to seduce the next beauty to get acquainted with the animated scenes.

Tropical nature and beautiful sunny landscapes set the mood for relaxation and good mood. That unfortunate plane crash could turn into the start of a wonderful vacation for you. However, do not forget about providing yourself with the most necessary things. Engage in Construction, extraction of necessary resources, food. Everyone strives for realism, observe the changing time of day and natural conditions. Serious troubles, such as a strong storm, are possible. Choose your own difficulty level and enjoy the Adventure.

Download the game Tame It! (2022) new version in PC

On the website you can always get the latest updates for the newest and latest version of the game, which is also the final one. To do this, you just need to download the game Tame It! in PC on a computer or laptop for free and without registration and SMS.

The current version is like the original, only hacked or in common parlance “cracked” without a registration code, but the assembly is working and stable, it works without the Internet. You can play “single player”, the so-called single player game in offline mode. The easiest way to start the game without a key!

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  • Release date: 2022
  • Genre: Survival, Adventure
  • Developer and publisher: Manka Games
  • Text: PC, English, MULTi

System requirements

  • Windows: 7, 8, 10, 11 (32/64-bit)
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Video card: OpenGL 2.0 / DirectX 9.0c
  • Disk space: 500 MB

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Publication type: Portable

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