Brass Brigade [v 16.10.2023] download torrent

Brass Brigade offers its own take on the events of World War II. Despite the fact that the gameplay is presented in such a cartoon style, what is happening can be considered a completely serious reproduction of significant events. Choose for yourself which side to fight on and go to the battlefield. Five options. USSR, Great Britain, USA, as well as Germany and Japan!

The authors reconstruct sixteen of the most significant battles on different fronts. Moreover, you are given great opportunities and settings to control what is happening in the game. Manage the parameters of the bots you will fight. Thus, you can set up any battle, not only serious and significant, but also a minor skirmish. The system of destruction, which is capable of reproducing even micro-destructions, adds to the realism of what is happening.

A wide variety of weapons and equipment corresponding to the time. Enjoy it all. Wonderful physics that affects the models. The authors managed to make what was happening on the screen realistic, this applies to the behavior, reaction of soldiers, accuracy of equipment and other aspects. It’s interesting and exciting to play.

Download game Brass Brigade (2019) new version

On the website you can always get the latest updates for the newest and latest version of the game, which is also the final one. To do this, you just need to download the Brass Brigade game to your computer or laptop for free and without registration or SMS.

The current version is like the original, only hacked or in common parlance “cracked” without a registration code, but the assembly is working and stable, it works without the Internet. You can play “single player”, the so-called single player game in offline mode. The easiest way to start the game without a key!

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  • Release date: 2019
  • Genre: Indie, Shooter, Action
  • Developer and publisher: Henry Kucab
  • Text: English

System requirements

  • Windows: 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
  • CPU: 2 GHz dual-core
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Video card: GTX560, AMD 5770, 1GB VRAM
  • Disk space: 3 GB

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