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The Sims 4 Deluxe Edition is a progressive life simulator. The Sims 4 allows you to create and imagine. The series is original and shows steady progress. Each new part adds features and collection bases. There is an anthology with all the catalogs and a basic version. You can install without mounting the image, we have all new additions.

Start a family and start arranging your home. A separate topic is Construction. Here you can show your wildest fantasies, however, everything requires money. Get a job and grow professionally. The innovations are encouraging. Now you can hire a nanny, a sad clown comes to saddened characters, build swimming pools and relax with friends.

This is a version with selective installation of add-ons. Now the heroes can be given even more individuality, even if it is kleptomania, quarrelsomeness, etc. Emotions are increasingly acquiring shades, which makes the population of fictional cities more realistic. All dying relatives turn into ghosts, their character traits will determine what they were like in life. You can even correct your gait. Clothing is divided into an increasing number of subcategories. An excellent field for experimentation.

Download the game Sims 4 (2014) new version in PC

On the website you can always get the latest updates for the newest and latest version of the game, which is also the final one. To do this, you just need to download the Sims 4 game in PC to your computer or laptop for free and without registration or SMS.

The current version is like the original, only hacked or in common parlance “cracked” without a registration code, but the assembly is working and stable, it works without the Internet. You can play “single player”, the so-called single player game in offline mode. The easiest way to start the game without a key!

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Picture of The Sims 4: Deluxe Edition on PC
Screenshot from the game The Sims 4: Deluxe Edition in good quality
Image of The Sims 4: Deluxe Edition


  • Release date: 2014
  • Genre: Survival, Sandbox, Simulation, Strategy, Economy
  • Developer: The Sims Studio
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Text: PC, English, MULTi

System requirements

  • Windows: 7, 8, 10, 11 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or faster, AMD Athlon X4
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Video card: NVIDIA GTX 650 or better
  • Disk space: 62 GB

Version: v 1.105.332.1020 + all DLC [] LastSize:

Download torrent

Publication type: Portable

The game has been updated 03/01/2024 up to v 1.105.332.1020 + all DLC, this the latest hacked version for 2024, with all the additions.

ATTENTION! From version v repacks no longer include files Legacy Edition For x86-versions of the game. Official support L.E. terminated at 2019 year, no new DLC they don’t work for them. If you enter 0.5% unfortunate people forced to sit on x86-system, download old repacks or play the version of the game that you already have

Two new kits have been added:

  • Crystal Creations Stuff Pack / Glow of Gems
List of DLC and add-ons

Expansion Packs:

  • EP01 “Get to work!” / “Get to Work”
  • EP02 “Let’s have fun together!” / “Get Together”
  • EP03 “City Living” / “City Living”
  • EP04 “Cats and Dogs” / “Cats & Dogs”
  • EP05 “Seasons” / “Seasons”
  • EP06 “Path to Fame” / “Get Famous”
  • EP07 “Island Living”
  • EP08 “At the University” / “Discover University”
  • EP09 “Eco-friendly life” / “Eco Lifestyle”
  • EP10 “Snowy Expanses” / “Snowy Escape”
  • EP11 “Country Life” / “Cottage Living”
  • EP12 “High School Years”
  • EP13 “Life’s Journey” / “Growing Together”
  • EP14 “Horse Ranch” / “Horse Ranch”
  • EP15 “For Rent!” / “For Rent”

Free Pack:

  • FP01 “Holiday” / “Holiday Celebration Pack”

Game Packs:

  • GP01 “Hike!” / “Outdoor Retreat”
  • GP02 “Spa Day” / “Spa Day”
  • GP03 “In a Restaurant” / “Dine Out”
  • GP04 “Vampires” / “Vampires”
  • GP05 “Parents” / “Parenthood”
  • GP06 “Jungle Adventure
  • GP07 “StrangerVille” / “StrangerVille”
  • GP08 “World of Magic” / “Realm of Magic”
  • GP09 “Star Wars: Journey to Batuu” / “Star Wars: Journey to Batuu”
  • GP10 “Dream Interior / Dream Home Decorator”
  • GP11 “Wedding Stories / My Wedding Stories”
  • GP12 “Werewolves”

Catalogs (Stuff Packs):

  • SP01 “Luxury Party” / “Luxury Party”
  • SP02 “Patio” / “Perfect Patio”
  • SP03 “Cool Kitchen” / “Cool Kitchen”
  • SP04 “Spooky Things” / “Spooky”
  • SP05 “Home Cinema” / “Movie Hangout”
  • SP06 “Romantic Garden” / “Romantic Garden”
  • SP07 “Children’s room” / “Kids Room”
  • SP08 “In the Backyard” / “Backyard”
  • SP09 “Vintage Glamor”
  • SP10 “Bowling Night”
  • SP11 “Fitness” / “Fitness”
  • SP12 “Children’s things” / “Toddler”
  • SP13 “Laundry Day”
  • SP14 “My First Pet” (requires EP04 “Cats & Dogs” installed)
  • SP15 “Moschino” / “Moschino”
  • SP16 “Compact Living” / “Tiny Living”
  • SP17 “Dressy threads” / “Nifty Knitting”
  • SP18 “Paranormal” / “Paranormal”
  • SP46 “Culinary Passions” / “Home Chef Hustle Stuff Pack”


  • SP20 “Outfits from the Past” / “Throwback Fit”
  • SP21 “Country Kitchen” / “Country Kitchen”
  • SP22 “Not a Speck of Dust” / “Bust the Dust”
  • SP23 “Personal Oasis” / “Courtyard Oasis”
  • SP24 “Fashion Street” / “Fashion Street”
  • SP25 “Loft” / “Industrial Loft”
  • SP26 “Incheon Style” / “Incheon Arrivals”
  • SP28 “Men’s Fashion” / “Modern Menswear Kit”
  • SP29 “Indoor Plants” / “Blooming Rooms”
  • SP30 “Carnival” / “Carnaval Streetwear Kit”
  • SP31 “Maximalism in the interior” / “Décor to the Max”
  • SP32 “Midnight Chic” / “Moonlight Chic”
  • SP33 “Little Campers” / “Little Campers”
  • SP35 “Desert Luxury””Desert Luxe”
  • SP36 “Pastel colors” / “Pastel Pop Kit”
  • SP37 “Little things for the home” / “Everyday Clutter Kit”
  • SP38 “Simtimates Collection Kit”
  • SP39 Bathroom Clutter Kit
  • SP40 “Dream Greenhouse” / “Greenhouse Haven Kit”
  • SP41 “Basement Treasures Kit”
  • SP42 “Return of Grunge” / “Grunge Revival Kit”
  • SP43 “Book Nook” / “Book Nook Kit”
  • SP44 Poolside Splash Kit / Lounging by the pool
  • SP45 Modern Luxe Kit / Modern luxury
  • SP47 Castle Estate Kit / Personal Castle
  • SP48 Goth Galore Kit / Grand Gothic
  • SP49 Crystal Creations Stuff Pack / Glow of Gems
Installation and launch
  1. Download the distribution to any place convenient for you
  2. Launch game from file Launcher.exe in the main directory of the game, or from Game/Bin/TS4_x64.exe
  3. Play
  • To change the language use launcher.exeor language-changer.exe
  • Saves and mods are located along the path: My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\
Useful information (FAQ)

How to update the game correctly? Text option

  • Remove the old torrent from the distributions, if there is one (only the torrent with saved data), download the new one (from the distribution), specify the path to the game folder and click OK. If the path is correct, the files will be checked in the Status line of your torrent client and after checking, new content will be downloaded
  • If the download did not go through the check, it means that the path to the game is specified incorrectly.
  • In the release, the folder with the game is called The Sims 4. How to indicate the correct path to a torrent client?
  • D:\Games\ – Correct
  • D:\Games\The Sims 4\ – Incorrect, because in this case an extra folder will be created and the game will be downloaded into it (you will get something like D:\Games\The Sims 4\The Sims 4).

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