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Super Meat Boy Forever will bring the return of the famous hero from this Indie game. There are new adventures ahead, a variety of hand-crafted levels. Just imagine, there are more than seven thousand of them. Dynamic gameplay, a meat guy and his girlfriend will show what they are capable of. Everything is accompanied by beautiful music that can set the rhythm and create a general mood.

The main characters have matured and now have a family. They even managed to have children. It cannot be beautiful and cloudless for quite a long time. A villain appears who destroys this idyll. Thus begins a series of new adventures and passages of an exciting level, battles, clashes with dangerous bosses. You have to follow your offender and punish him. Naturally, no one can tolerate this; a special strength and anger awakens in the main characters.

To succeed, curb your anger, learn to control your abilities, and not a single enemy can resist you! It is worth noting that visually the game looks great. Colorful graphics, high quality and stylish. Wonderful cut scenes revealing new events and characters. Enjoy and tell your friends about your adventures.

Download the game Super Meat Boy Forever (2020) new version in PC

On the website you can always get the latest updates for the newest and latest version of the game, which is also the final one. To do this, you just need to download the game Super Meat Boy Forever in PC to your computer or laptop for free and without registration or SMS.

The current version is like the original, only hacked or in common parlance “cracked” without a registration code, but the assembly is working and stable, it works without the Internet. You can play “single player”, the so-called single player game in offline mode. The easiest way to start the game without a key!

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Super Meat Boy Forever picture on PC
Screenshot from the game Super Meat Boy Forever in good quality
Super Meat Boy Forever image


  • Release date: 2020
  • Genre: Arcade, Indie, Platformer, Adventure, Action
  • Developer and publisher: Team Meat
  • Text: PC, English, MULTi
  • Sound: English

System requirements

  • Windows: 7, 8, 10, 11 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Core i3
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Video card: GeForce 780
  • Disk space: 6 GB

Version: v 6755.1848.1962.152 [] LastSize:

Download torrent

Publication type: Portable

The game has been updated 03/05/2024 up to v 6755.1848.1962.152, this is latest hacked version for 2024.

Installation and launch
  1. Download the folder to any location (the main thing is that there is no Cyrillic alphabet on the path to the game folder)
  2. Launch SuperMeatBoyForever
  3. Play

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