Best Alternative to r/soccerstreams

Best Alternatives to r/soccerstreams: Football is a very popular sport among the youth and is watched worldwide. For all the football lovers around the globe, there is a piece of bad news. The popular subreddit online streaming platform /r/SoccerStreams with more than 50k followers had to shut down after receiving a copyright issue from the Premier League.

After that, the platform was shut down by Reddit. Many users of Reddit still search for an alternative, but they cannot find one. The /r/SoccerStream is the most popular subreddit used by Reddit users to watch football online for absolutely free of cost.

Best Alternatives to r/soccerstreams

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, this subreddit became very popular. More than 100 thousand people used to stream the link of the subreddit daily. Most of them were of AceStream, which is a popular service of streaming.
No matter how much we want the Soccer Streams back, it will never get back. But you do not need to worry, this article will provide you with all the best possible alternatives from where you can stream the football matches for free in good quality.

Best Alternatives to r/soccerstreams

The SoccerStreams got surfed every week or two to watch the matches of any league that the football fans followed. The streaming links of every league were available whether it was La Liga, Seria A or EPL. When a top-quality online streaming site gets banned or gets shut down, the fans get disappointed and search for the other best alternatives.
The best alternatives where you can watch sports in good quality for free, same as the SoccerStreams are:-


After the SoccerStreams got banned, this subreddit online streaming platform came into existence. This subreddit provides live streaming links before the match starts. But this cannot be long term solution, since subreddits, sharing the copyrighted content are taken down.

The links which are shared are working and in SD or HD quality. The subreddits have rules which reduce the spam. There are only a few but active subscribers on this subreddit.


Another subreddit named as Soccerstreams69 has emerged for the ease of streaming football online. Since the subreddits are taken down by Reddits for copyright issues, this is also not a permanent solution. This subreddit doesn’t cover every major league. Asian and other small leagues are also not covered on this Reddit. Live streaming links won’t be available here, but all the links that are available are working.

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After the SoccerStreams, Redditsoccer is the most popular subreddit for finding live streaming links of football matches. The links are provided before the match, and there is a variety of link to choose from. Most of the links on the subreddit link is to AceStream.
There is no problem with buffering or low-quality links. Before the match, tons of links get posted to choose from. The Redditsoccer is highly recommended for live streaming of football matches and is the best alternative to SoccerStreams.
So streamers, choose from the best possible streaming platforms available online for high-quality live streaming.
Happy Streaming!

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